Sand Women XVI- The Story Part I

She stared across the desert, that seemed to extend for miles. She glanced down at her sister, whose golden locks curled around her tearstained face. “Hush now,” she said, “Everything will be alright.”
Staring back at the rising sun, she contemplated all that had happened to them.They were in the clutches of an army who had stolen them, breaking their father’s trust. Once princesses and heirs the throne of their small but wealthy kingdom, they were now prisoners and captives of a crude army and ruthless leader….

“Who were they?” I asked.
Zulu glanced at me, a strange blue light in her eyes, as Sand Women get when telling a Story, “Ayla, meaning Moonlight, and Zinna, meaning Sun Flower.”

Zinna spoke,”Sister, shall we ever see papa again?” Ayla looked sadly down at her, her straight black ebony hair falling down, partially covering her face,”I don’t know, ” She whispered. Zinna began to cry again, her elder sister knew everything, and she looked up to her.This fear was more than she could take…

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