Absolutetly No Drugs Or Nuclear Weapons (Part 2)

I stared at the man, transfixed. He was kind of reminded me of the men in those old westerns my dad used to always watch, ragged but strong-looking.

“Who are you?” i asked, my curiosity had always gotten the best of me.
” My dear, my dear,” he replied in an eerily soothing voice that reminded me of silk, “I am appauled you do not recognize me.”

I stood there for a moment, wondering where on earth i might have seen such an odd man, but not a single memory struck me.

He continued, “I’ve sat on that street corner you walk by every morning on your way to school, always laughing and joking with your friends. Not once have you noticed the ragged, poor man curled up with the newspapers?”

At that point it hit me. My friends and I had joked about this man before, god it seemed so cruel now. god, so incredibly cruel.

“I….I….” I stammered helplessly.
“Oh, thats quite alright, we’ll make sure you help me out this time.”

It was at that point i tried to run for the door.

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