Beautiful Disaster

She automatically recoiled, stunned by the ice blue irises. Blinking rapidly, she struggled to gain control. The rest of his face was equally beautiful. Almost inhuman in its perfection.

Another face joined the one smirking above her. Another beautiful face; this time, of a woman. Her mind threatened to snap-she seemed unable to handle such loveliness. Vaguely she could hear a rapid beep-beep-beeping in the distance.

The young man spoke smugly. “I told you her mind was incapable. Listen to how fast her heart’s going. Pathetic, really.” She was rudely jolted out of her wonder, and she somehow found it in her to glare in indignation.

The woman frowned in distaste. “They’re so much more hideous when they’re capable of facial expression.” The man laughed.

She finally spoke. “Who are you? Where am I? Let me…let me go home.” Her voice cracked.

“Home?” The man smiled patronizingly, though he couldn’t have been that much older than her. “Sorry, but you’re never going back.”

“Technically, you don’t exist.”

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