The Black Sedan

I lite my last cigg, flipped my lighter corner to corner on the table a few times.The rain had stopped, so I decided to walk to the store a few blocks away.
Put my jacket on the way down the stairs.
Opened the door and helped miss Ivy in with her walker.
Thank you Marty, she said, your a good boy.
Stopped on the stoop, mashed out my cigg.
It was dark and there was a chill in the air,
so I flipped my collar up and shoved my hands in my pockets, and started my walk. I could smell rain.
The street was empty except for the water running down the curb and into the drain.
Noticed a street lamp flickering at the end of the block, giving the night an eerie feel.
Headlights crept slowly up behind me, and passed.
The black sedan pulled up to the curb across the street, two men got out, one opened the trunk.
I couldn’t see, so I moved closer.
They entered the building, I took a few steps, gun shots, two more. I ducked into the ally, after a second I looked to see if they were still there.
They were.

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