Earl woke early that morning, “wouldn’t wanta miss court” he thought. Brushed his teeth and and combed his hair over. “like it mattered” .
Put on the suit the he had purchased from the local Salvation Army store.
It fit a little sung but it would do.
He had to walk two blocks just to catch the bus, to take him downtown.
Waitng for the bus he watched a girl with purple and green hair, do her nails, and guy conduct a meeting on his cell.
The bus smelled, from a pile of dirty diapers in the back corner.
Six more blocks of crying baby and the old man snoring in the seat behind him.
Earl stepped off the bus pushed his glasses up on his nose, and gave the building the once over, looked at the flight of stairs leading in.
He may the first flight ok, but the second he broke sweat and had to stop to catch his breath.
Only one bench out side the courtroom, and the other 5 witnesses were sitting on it, fanning themselves, waiting.
He pulled his handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his face.

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