Dead End Ally *

They were loading something into the car.
One of the big men stepped into street, when he saw me, he broke an run, so did I.
The ally was full of dumpsters over flowing with wet trash, and dead ended with a chain link.
I rattled the fence, took a deep breath, and squeezed in between a dumpster and the block wall.
The man stopped at the fence and reached down to pick something up, the security light was flickering, but I could see it was my wallet.
He opened it took my money, folded it and shoved in his pocket, and went back to the car, wallet and all.
I waited until I saw the black sedan pass, before I left the ally and headed down the street “in the other direction” .
I pulled Cindy’s letter out of my jacket pocket, and read the last line ” I will alway’s love you, Cindy” ,
I hope she does cause I can’t go home.

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