Awkward Martini

She hadn’t left. Still two seats to the left, still scanning the crowd. I couldn’t even bring myself to look directly at her, just stealing glances every few minutes. I imagined that if I moved she would see me.. then what? What would I say? What could I say? Hi? Sure, but then what? I had no idea what she did, what she liked, why she was here – she was probably waiting for someone, the way she’s staring into the crowd. Probably a boyfriend. Of course. From what I could see out of the corner of my eye, glimpses of tan, brunette, and red dress, she was beautiful. Or at least attractive. No, beautiful. I glanced again to try and decide. She was gone. I sighed. Now the martini was drinkable. I half-downed it and moved to get up. And there she was. Right behind me, smiling, looking right at me. She extended a hand. I froze, trapped. And then she spoke.

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