Night Creatures:Evil Webkinz

The tree frog held the swiss army knife to my throat, the other evil mutant Webkinz surrounded me as I lay helpless on my bedroom floor.

A cow, i think it looked like a cow was laughing, a raccoon shaped Webkinz had my sisters’ jump rope it its’ hands..err paws.

The leader was a gray koala. These things they didn’t speak or make any sound.

Why did Grandma have to buy these evil toys for my sisters?? It’s worse then the Beanie Babies that ate my homework in grade school.

Out of the closet came more of them, creatures whose features were unrecongnizable to me, a Clydesdale? a monkey?, but their features distorted, twisted into horrible contortions.

I heard footsteps on the stairs outside my room.

“Mom, HELP ME ”, I screamed. The Webkinz creatures scurried back into the closet from which i had thrown them yesterday.

Blood was on my neck, still tied with the WWii wires and jump rope,when my little sisters opened the door.

“Ha thats what you get”, the twins, evil as their toys, said.

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