“Ummf ummf” came the muffled voice from my feet. I looked down into the floppy eared brown eyed face of Cocoa. With a cucumber gently held in his mouth.
“Thanks dude.” I said taking it and running it over with a towel. His tail wagged and he gave a little woof.
“Problem is not. Like to help does I.”
“I like to help.” I corrected him absent mindedly but I knew it wouldn’t stick. He ran around on the floor for a few seconds chasing his tail as I prepared the salad bowl.
“Like Yoda sound I.” he said looking up at me. I sighed and shock my head, it was my fault really. Firstly I’d told him that and then when he’d asked me who that was I’d let him watch the films.
Well only four, five and six, I didn’t want to damage his very expensive genefixed brain. Like most upgrades he forget most stuff but for some reason Yoda had stuck. Oh well, at least he didn’t sound like a muppet.
“Picnic we are having?” he said, sitting by my feet and gazing up at me.
“Yup. And there’s some steak for you.”

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