Come What May, Pt. 102

Luckily for me, upon reaching the hotel, Peter takes his sleeping pills, kisses me goodnight, and promptly goes to sleep. Five minutes later, I’m in Oliver’s room. “You want to know something funny?â€? Oliver says while I’m practically snatching the shirt off of his back.

“Adam was in here right before you came in. He asked me if we’d…”
“What did you tell him?â€?
“I was honest, and told him yes.â€?
“What did he say?â€?
“He started blushing, and then he said ‘That had to be great! No wonder you’re all happy lately.’â€?

He laughs, and I kiss him. I knock him off balance, and we both go falling backwards onto his bed. “He also said that you look like you’re probably pretty wild.â€? “And what did you say to that?â€? I ask. He raises his eyebrows. “I said you were a pure animal, just primal!â€? I pinch him, and he yelps.

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