Catch Up

It rained for the next four days. I wasn’t ready to go outside anyway. I stayed inside and watched videos all day. I got phone calls from Ty, Teddy and Brixley but, I didn’t take any of them. My mom, I think, was actually mad at me for not taking their calls. I just felt kinda drained.

The day it finally stopped raining I decided to run a mile since I hadn’t kept up with my active thing for the last couple of days. I started running when I heard footsteps behind me. “Linz!! Heyy wait up!” It was unmiskabley Ty’s voice. I kept jogging. He started to catch up and I ran faster.

“Hey!” he shouted. I couldn’t keep going I was almost done with my mile and he was pretty much right behind me. We had sprinted the whole thing and I couldn’t take it.

I stopped and so did he. I was breathing heavy and it was like he wasn’t breathing at all. “What the heck do you want Ty? You have been pretty much stalking me!”

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