A Curse Upon You

“Burt, dearst!” Wednesday cooed the next morning. “Mr. Lewis Hunt from the Daily Raven is here!” Burt peeked his head into the theatre. “And some of his… colleagues.” She added.
“Mr. Richards!” Lewis called, holding up a pen. “You and Ms. Thomas seem to have a professional rivalry on stage. Is it the same off-stage?”
“Are you kidding me?” Wednesday scoffed. “Professional rivalry? Burt tries to kill me very nearly every night! And he’s getting closer!” The crowd laughed. “But Burt, isn’t there something you’ve been planning on telling everyone?” Burtininkas’ face went from smug to disgusted. “Don’t you want to talk about your rendez-vous with Lady Rathbourg?” Everyone gasped. “How you’ve been meeting at the operahouse?”
“Curse you Wednesday Thomas,” he muttered underneath his breath.

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