Come What May, Pt. 103

I sneak over to Oliver’s hotel room before everyone wakes up, just as we’d discussed the previous night. Oliver swings his door open, obviously excited. He pulls me in, and kisses me. “Dream, today’s finally the day!â€? he says, pulling back from our kiss. “I know! Isn’t this great?â€? I respond. He picks me up, and we spin around in the floor like two happy children. “Do you have everything packed? I can’t wait to drop all of this crap off in London, and then just get on the plane with you and go home. God Oliver… we might not come back!â€?

“I’d love thatâ€? Oliver chuckles. I sigh. “It’ll be just us on that plane Ollie. You and I on a trans-Atlantic flight.” Oliver’s mouth curls up into a grin. “A private plane…that was really nice of your folks.” I shrug. “They’re just so happy that we’re coming. They miss me, and they really want to meet you. Especially my mother… she thinks you’re absolutely the most beautiful man she’s laid eyes on.â€? Oliver blushes, and I plant my hands on his cheeks and kiss him.

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