Empty Desks

“Yeah, I’m Serina.” she’s says, once again in her suck-up voice.

“Oh, good.” the teacher replies, obviously uninterested in her name. “Do you like to sit in the front of the room or the back?”

The back. That’s where I am! I look at my pile of books at the desk next to me. Oh crap – I have an open seat!! I start to panic when I look at my friends, who are looking at me, giving me more sympathetic looks then they did before I went to the guidance counselor. I gave them a she-better-not-sit-next-to-me-if-she-values-her-life look. Then I gave Serina that look, except I made it far more threatening. She should know how much I can hurt her, socially, mentally.. okay fine, and physically – she and I used to be good friends.

“Uhm, I’d like a front seat if you don’t mind.” she says looking at me out of the corner of her eye.

“Okay, you can sit next to.. well actually, Gabby can move back with.. why don’t you just sit at the empty desk next to Lauren?”

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