Molly, Robin Hood of Mars Episode IV: Unbroken

Molly was awakened by rough hands groping her in the darkness. She reached out and grasped the offending wrist, twisting sharply until she heard a satisfying crunch. Sitting up, Molly found herself in some sort of dimly-lit dungeon, surrounded by a dozen starving, desperate-looking Red Men. In a corner, a codger clutched his ruined wrist and whimpered. “I’m s-sorry,” he muttered. “I just ain’t never touched no Earth-woman before…”

Molly inspected the steel bars and force field of the cell. The force field was obviously technology “borrowed” from the Molluscs and their Tripod war-machines. There was no way through; at least not without her bow and quiver full of special arrows. Molly knew there had to be another way out… The Space Lord may have beaten her, but she wasn’t broken. Molly turned, finding a number of the prisoners surrounding her, a hungry gleam in their eyes.

“I think that the old man there had the right idea,” one of the Red Men announced. “I’ve never touched an Earth-woman before, either…”

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