Molly, Robin Hood of Mars Episode V: Radiation Day (Part 1)

Molly was seized as the Red Men closed in around her. “Earthers are strong,” the ringleader shouted, “even the women…” His warning came too late as Molly broke free, shoving one of her attackers into the bars. The force field sparked and the man slumped to the ground, twitching. The others pressed forward, overwhelming Molly, suffocating her under the weight of a dozen fetid bodies. Hands undid the buckles of her harness and tore at her clothes. Molly fought, but there was no use; there were too many. She heard a scream, and she was sure it was her own…

Another scream; the wet slap of fist meeting flesh; the snap of breaking bone. In moments, Molly’s attackers had retreated. She could breathe again. Above her, hand outstretched, was a young Red Martian girl, her knuckles raw and bleeding.

“Thanks,” Molly said, taking the offered hand and standing.

“Don’t thank me yet, Earth-girl,” The girl replied. “Today’s Radiation Day. Looks like I saved your skin just so you can die in the Arena with the rest of us…”

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