Birds, Planes, and...Vermicious Knids?

“Dear God. What is that thing?â€? Charlie whispered, scratching his grey stubble.

The three old men tilted their heads and looked up at the monstrosity in from of them.

“I think it’s some sort of poodle,â€? Ray declared.

“Pish posh, you’re as blind as a wombat you old fart. Anyone can see it’s a leprechaun,â€? Marty replied, squinting at Ray through his thick bottle glasses.

“A leprechaun? You’re drunk!â€? Ray cackled, clapping his hands.

“I am not,â€? Marty replied, crossing his arms and looking back at the object in question.

“I think you’re both senile and strange,â€? Charlie said, tapping his cane on the grass. “It’s obviously a Vermicious Knid.â€?

The other two looked at him in disbelief, their own suspicions shoved to the wayside.

Charlie cleared his throat and smiled at them, snapping his hedge trimmers. “Well gentleman, I take it we’re still able to beat the tar out of some foliage?â€?

“Sure, sure,â€? Marty said, pushing his glasses up. “But it’s a leprechaun!â€?


“Vermicious Knid.”


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