A Light in the Darkness

I am born. A wail gusts through my fragile body. I am cradled I am admired I am protected.

I am loved.

I dance through life, a joy, a light, the calm in the storm.

People find my name on the tips of their tongues. Children love me, I am their star, their miracle, their escape from an ugly lonely world.

I am unique. And I am beautiful. We’re all alike. We’re all different too.

And none of us last forever.

For then came the end. Of everything.

Somehow, we made them feel threatened. So they gathered us up, and shoved us away away away into dark dark holes, far far away where the light never comes.

Chemicals rain down, boots stomp, rough hands crush us together.

I can’t breathe. My loved ones, they fade



around me. They waste away they give up. Days pass.

Until I’m all alone.

I have to live. But I’m too weak. And they’re too strong.

I’m starving. For light and for love.

Please. I’m afraid.

And I think I’m dying melting away -

I remember a day.

when I was


And free.

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