FreeFalling: A Day in the Life of...

I’m freefalling from the sky, dancing in the cool air, the city bellow blanketed in white with my brethern.

I want to glide up here all day, but i cannot, the children bellow await my arrival with long awaited anticipation and joy.
Others dread my arrival.

But I am talked about for months, then forgotten like yesterdays news.
I put traffic to a standstill, people stay home because of me, others sit by the fire with cocoa and are pleased to have the time to relax. Because of me and my awesome power!

If I land in the countryside i could lay all day and remained untouched.

But my destiny is the city. The streets, the children, is that a plow truck I see and shovels,so many shovels picking up and tossing aside my beloved brethern into filthy mounds of gray? That is what awaits me.

Being trod upon by heavy boots. Were once I was beautiful, unique, a falling winter star.

But now the end is near, I land, I know my fate, But I and my kind shall return again, love me or hate me.

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