Wee Planet

It’s not the greatest miniature planet. One whole side made of dirt, nothing but dirt. Should have put some trees or something there. Or a miniature mountain. Well, it’s a start, isn’t it? And look, it’s got its own sun and sky! That’s beginner’s luck, yeah, still don’t know how I managed to get that sun trapped inside the crystal sphere, but I got it just right.

OK, it was silly, building a building on such a tiny miniature planet. Ended up pretty bent, huh? You want to go in for a while, get some rest, get away from the sun, but there’s no place to sit that isn’t a hump.

There’s no night, you know. Planet’s too tiny for it, plus I got a real bright sun, didn’t I. That’s why it’s nice to get away from the sun sometimes. Too bad about that humpy floor.

Anyway, it’s a start. Next time I’ll try a mountain.

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