The Commons

The high school commons is a very dangerous place to walk through during passing period. The ghetto crowd hangs around the entrances to bathrooms and the Foreign Languages hall (which also leads to the History building). If you push, touch, shove, or otherwise minimally offend any one of them, a jumping is immediately set for after school. If you’re lucky, they won’t find you coming out of one of the 68 doors. The socialite crowd takes up the middle, of course, centering around the pole. If you offend them, they make your social life a living hell. The queersighted occupy the doorway to the courtyard. If you offend them, they spread rumors that you’re one of them. The entrance to the cafeteria is blocked by lounging seniors, all whom enjoy a good bit of freshmen hazing. And the entrance to the Science Building, the Fine Arts building, and Math Hallway is blocked by freshmen losers and upperclassmen nerds with lethal backpacks with bad cases of whiplash.
I would advise staying away from the commons.

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