Like The Loser That She Is

”..Okay.” she says reluctantly, and heads over to her new assigned seat cautiously. If she moved any slower, the class would be over by the time she sat down. To make sure that would happen, I gave her yet another threatening glare when the teacher had gone on to writing on the blackboard. She tried to hide within her hideous blue eyes – she’s the only person I know who could make blue eyes look horrible.

As she sat down, we still had more than an hour to go of the class.

“I’m sorry.” she whispers, trying to make her voice hide behind her horrendous eyes too.

“It’s okay, you tried your best, which of course, landed you right here where you tried not to be.” I whispered back. Wasn’t my best comeback in the world, actually it was one of my weaker ones, but I hadn’t eaten today, so it’s all good. She apparently couldn’t even fathom the insult, for she didn’t have a hurt expression on her face, she didn’t laugh, nothing. She just sat there like the loser that she is.

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