Trouble- With Brooke and Mimi -2

“Why are you girls wet? Oh it doesn’t matter, want some Chocolate Chip cookies and Hot Chocolate? Fresh made!” said Mrs. Cade, Mimi’s mother.

“I think we might take it upstairs in my room” said Mimi.

“Okay, Hun. I’ll be up in a bit. Get dressed in warm clothes or you’ll catch a cold! Oh and is Brooke sleeping over?”

“I don’t know. Are you?”

“I think so. Let me call my mom.”

“Okay, hurry back for your drink.”


“Hey mom, can I stay over Mimi’s house?” says Brooke on the phone with her mom. “Okay, I’ll bring home some cookies. Ha ha. Hey mom, whats that noise? Yeah in the background. Oh firefighters putting out a fire on channel 8? Okay I’ll check it out. Love you, bye.”

Brooke hangs up and almost falls over. They almost done it. Her plan failed. Can’t they see cutting down the trees to make a fancy neighborhood is making the animals go away and hurting the Ecosystem.

They must figure out another way.

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