boys don't make any sense

We held hands for the first time yesterday. It was amazing! I put my hand in his and he smiled at me. I wish he knew how much I like him, but this is a start. Today he avoided me, and I don’t know why. Maybe he just didn’t want our friends to know that we like each other. I hope it wasn’t because he doesn’t like me anymore, but i think he does. However, I’m not a guy so I don’t know how guys think. Is he worried I don’t like him anymore? Is he scared that one of my friends wouldn’t want us to date? I know its not because he’s not ready for a relationship, because he’s had girlfriends before. Everyone tells us that we’d make a really cute couple, and that we already act like a couple without actually being a couple… I just can’t figure out why he avoided me today….. If any boys read this, please give me some advice!

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