Giving In

He cleared he throat. “I love you.” He said it calmly and clearly.
“No you don’t! Don’t say that!” I said.
“Yes I do! I love you!”
“No you DON ’T!!!” I shouted.
“Why? Don’t you want me to love you?” He asked so suprized.
“Because.” I started. “You can’t love someone at thirteen and fourteen. You have to experience it. Like gut. Plus your an idiot Ty. I would never love and idiot.”
“No please!”
“Please what Ty. Don’t you think you have done enough? You’ve made my life hell numerous times. I don’t need the pressure of you anymore.” I began to walk away. He followed me and pulled me by my arm back to him. Our bodies feel perfectly together like pieces of a puzzle. I looked into those beautiful blue eyes of his and realized that I was totally giving in.

I was in love with a total idiot.

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