A Big Meal

I looked at the plate. It was a shrimp dish, or maybe crayfish. The problem is, I’m deathly allergic to it. And if he knew so much about me already, he had to know that, too. Was this a test?

I shook my head. “I can’t.”

“Then perhaps something else. Anna?” He signalled the waitress over. Only now did I notice she had cat ears and a tail. “My guest needs a more…exotic dish.”

“I am just the thing,” she purred.

“Ah, don’t you mean you have…?” I began. Then she took my head between her hands and kissed me full on the lips. She tasted…delicious. And then she was—I don’t know how—pushing her entire head between my lips, followed by her torso. Her clothing dissolved on my tongue. She tasted so delicious, I had to have her inside of me. I ran my tongue over her breasts, and she squealed in delight. I swallowed, pulling her deeper, and tasted between her legs. She thrust against my tongue, then wriggled deeper. I swallowed again, and she was gone.

My host smiled. “A big meal, indeed.”

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