The Trouble with Goldilocks pt II :Pie Man, Pickled Peppers &World Peace

Grethel said “I cannot follow the old hag into the woods with you Goldilocks, I have to watch my little brother Hansel, while our parents go out for food.”

The girl in the red hooded cloak said,” I can’t go either, I have to take a basket off goodies to my Grandmother’s house.”

“Ah, you’re all a bunch of sissies”, Goldilocks replied,” I’ll go by myself then.”

That was one of the many times that the curious natured little golden haired girl got into trouble.

After she was caught in the old witch’s cottage, she promised never to do anything bad again. As if.

She was a very beautiful child, clear blue eyes, the golden hair everyone admired, perfect white teeth. She yearned for world peace. But she cause chaos all around her. Like the time she stole the pies from the pie man at the county fair.

Or when she took a peck of pickled peppers and eat them all , and that boy looked all day and couldn’t find them. She just laughed.

{to be continued}

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