AAAAARRRGHUH-BLUB: Zombies From Beyond


I heard it outside the door. I knew what it was. They wanted me.There were hundreds of them, horrible distorted faces, tongues hanging out, wild bulging red eyes.These inhuman things that were once my friends and neighbors, these Zombies.

“AAAAARRRGHUH”, the chant continued unabated.

I got out grandpas’ old double barreled shot gun, loaded it and fired ,Blam ,Blam Blam.

All was quiet. The silence was far worse then the horrid chanting they made.
Should I take a chance and look out? Or stay huddled behind the armchair? I wish Mom and Dad hadn’t gone out to find my sister. I wish I hadn’t eaten that burrito. I was gonna hurl.


The window shattered. Arms reached inside, bloody ,scaly blistered arms.

They broke through the door and i fired again , emptying the shotgun.They kept coming at me,the ones that were still standing, arms outstretched to grab me. I ran down the basement stairs. Bad choice i soon realized . I was trapped.

I Screamed, “AAAARRRGHUH-BLUB # @x%x !”.

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