The Scary Movie I Knew I Shouldn't Have Gone To But I Did

I had done it. I had snuck out of the house for the first time to see a movie with my babe and it was going to be awesome…Right?I picked her up in my dad’s old truck around 6 pm. The movie we saw was Zombie Neighbors Attack a Boy’s House After He Sneaks Out with His Girlfriend to See a Scary Movie and every second my girlfriend jumped into my arms. I’m a man, I told myself, I’m not afraid of some stupid movie. I dropped her off at her house and went home. As I slumped down on the couch thinking about what I would say if my parents found out I snuck out, my parents rushed in, bewildered,
“Jake!! Where’s your little sister!!” they both shrieked.
“I don’t know?!?” I shouted back wandering what was going on. something was wrong, every little noise scared me and my little sister dissapeared. I ate a burrito to try to calm my nerves, all of the sudden i heard moaning from across the street.
“Ughhhh, OOhhhhhh”
Acting like nothing was wrong I stepped over to the door and locked it.I was scared now

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