The Last Author

Everything was gone, everything but these accursed computer handymen. All the days for all the world were spent at the computer, then Exercise Time in the afternoon. The stupidest of the stupid got jobs as computer handymen, then they fixed everyone’s lifeline to the world that was broken-which was very rare. Handymen only got the oldest computers, often broken so they had to fix their own.
Jeanara read her schoolwork avidly, pale, computer-bleached skin sickly in the glow of the monitor. Her school was www.dormcomplexbschool.hs. Normally, the Monitors didn’t encourage reading fast-it made for idle time-but she had a plan today, and all needed to go well.
Authors, her English notes said:
Authors were people who thought up fictional stories then cut down many trees to produce a book on paper, usually with non biodegradable ink. Later, they wrote e-books instead, after the Paper Law was passed in 2078. Soon they went extinct, after people realized the uselessness of fictional stories…

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