Count Piggies Last Hallween

My Little brother,whom I called Piggies , to annoy him mostly, because it was so much fun. His real name was Dustin. I say was because he died. He had cancer. He knew I loved him, and the teasing was good natured.

Halloween excited him even more than Christmas. I remember the Halloween before he got so sick, he kept asking me, “Justin, what you gonna be for Hallween?”

That’s what he called it Hallween. Sorry I need a minute here. Where was I, o yeah Halloween. So I said, “Dude I have no clue yet, it’s two weeks away man, chill.”

“Well you can’t be a vampire, cause that’s what I’m gonna be, so you can’t be a vampire”.

“Ok, I won’t be a vampire.”

“Will you help me with my makeup, I want lotsa blooood”, he squealed. Which he did a lot, so you see where he got the nickname.
So that Halloween, which turned into his last,I applied plenty of fake blood, he was pleased with it and of course he squealed.
Fangs, cape, he looked like Mini Dracula.

I said, “Lets go get us some candy Count Piggies”.

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