I loved waking up beside her in the morning. We were married several weeks ago, by a dead Christian priest who died at a wedding, so he had the book and all. He seemed disapproving of only dating for a couple of weeks, but I convinced him Tartarus was where people went who disobeyed the god of the dead’s wish. He responded pretty good to that (Even though the idea is totally ridiculous—I don’t claim to be omnipotent like Zeus or anything).
Then one morning, a guy whose punishment was to be my butler for all eternity (I really do feel sorry for the kid; it’s not easy) barged in while Persephone was taking a shower. I mean, come on! Who hasn’t heard of knocking? Dear Zeus.
But, speaking of Zeus, he (oh, excuse me, He, he wants to be the omnipotent god now) was in my sitting room, looking distastefully at the black with ivory accents. Sitting beside him was Demeter, looking flushed and angry.
“WHERE’S MY DAUGHTER ?!” she roared as soon as I stepped in.
Oh goody!, I thought, in-laws.

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