Make It A Party, Why Don't Ya?

Glenn and Ryan Tweed walked into school the next day with their heads held high. People who’d never looked twice at them flocked to be seen in their presence. To be called their friends? Oh, how they’d die in excitement!

The Tweeds have changed the life of Little Brown Tree forever, after the arrival of their new television set, yesterday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Tweed purchased the set after seeing it at a more modern friend’s home…
“Hot dog!” cried Mr. Tweed when he read the Brown Tree Inquirer that evening. “Joan, have you read the paper?” Mrs. Tweed bustled in holding a caserole. “And, they want to interview us for the six o’clock news!” Mr. Tweed’s face fell.
“Joan, dearest, we are the only family in this town that has a television set.” Mrs. Tweed remained optimistic.
“Then, we shall have to make a party of it! We’ll invite everyone to our own livingroom to see it!” Glenn and Ryan shrieked with delight.

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