Scarlet would not let her hands stop shaking, even after leaving the city. “What if they come after me, Holden?” Her face was stained with tears.
“Will you think less of me if I use the words ‘shan’t’ or ‘my love’?” Holden smiled as she shook her head. “Then, I shan’t let them find you, my love.”
“What about your position at the college?”
“Apparently, there’s a rule about teacher/student relationships,” he nudged Scarlet playfully.
“Okay, I’m used to thinking things through all by myself. It’s weird having someone else in on this… Why’d you tell me me to leave you?” Scarlet asked abruptly Holden shifted uncomfortably in his seat, and his face was contorted with pain.
“I didn’t think you were happy… I thought it was… I meant what I’d said about you that night on the stoop.” Attention all passengers, we will be landing at our destination soon. We ask that everyone would fasten their seatbelts and return their trays to the upright position.

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