Story of a Space Privateer

Space Privateer

Scar awoke with a start. An alarm had sounded, the red lights the lit the interior of The Redemption were pulsing in a steady rhythm. A growling voice came to life over the ship’s internal intercom “All hands report to battle stations. All those of Elite status are required on the bridge. Internal security, prepare to repel boarders.â€? The intercom died with a crackle.

Scar Tryagar III jumped out of his bunk, threw on his uniform, grabbed his highly illegal, pirate standard issue M2-B sidearm, and grabbed his security ID cards and cautiously opened the bulkhead door. Outside of his bunk room was a flurry of activity, pirates entering keycodes, grabbing small arms, and securing entryways. Good, he thought to himself. At least they had managed to get out of the bunks on time. Wait you might ask-pirates grabbing sidearms good? Scar with a highly illegal weapon? This isn’t the story of brave military warriors fighting pirates-this is the story of the pirates perspective.

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