Part I: Action Stations

Scar walked briskly from his stateroom. Lower ranking pirates snapped to attention and then quickly returned to their work. It felt good to be near the top of his respective rank, Scar thought. He had fearlessly climbed those ranks-starting at the bottom of the hierarchy. He was still working his way up, as he wondered what the Captain had sounded the alarm for. But Scar had not always been a pirate, he thought to himself as he continued walking through the flurry of activity. He had been a decorated Argon military pilot-even though his father had been a pirate. Which of course the Argon found out, and accused him, Scar, of a crime he did not commit. If it hadn’t been for the pirates raiding the prisoner transport he was on, he would still be behind bars. Scar’s mind snapped back to the present. Now wasn’t the time to reminisce on the past. He looked out one of the viewports, his reflection looking back at him intermittently while the red lights pulsed. It was the action stations alarm.

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