Part II: The Redemption

The Redemption is a highly armed ship. As are all pirate ships, including freighters. But this ship was special-it was the first design for a pirate Corvette class ship. It had two side turret hardpoints, a rear turret, and an upper turret, as well as forward firing main laser banks. It could dock one ship below-that ship being Scar’s. Which of course contained almost as much illegal software as the Redemption including, but not limited to ship capture equipment, freight scanners, software signature scramblers…Scar reached the security checkpoint. Two Pirate checkpoint guards eyed him suspiciously and asked for identification. He produced his identification-immediately the guards snapped to attention, entered a 10 digit code, and the door to the bridge slid open. Carefully picking his way across the bridge so as not to disturb several technicians sitting in front of glowing computer systems, Scar turned to face the Captain of the ship.
Captain Agnar Bathalmew IV turned in his chair. “Good. Glad you came.â€?

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