Part III: Assistance Needed

His fingers quickly pressed several keys. After pressing them, a large screen slid down and a flurry of numbers and odd looking symbols flew across the screen. Next, appeared several Boron class ships.
“It seems…that the Boron have decided to enter our sector, with a patrol fleet. They spotted us and are racing towards us. Currently, we are facing a Ray, which, according to our most recent cargo scan, contains a formidable wing of M3, M4 and M5 fighters. It is being escorted by two Military class Hydras. This is a serious issue. The speed of these Hydras have been enhanced to catch our vessels. We cant outrun them. We cant jump because the raiding party isn’t completely equipped with jumpdrives, and this corvette can only dock one ship at a time-we haven’t the fuel or the time for that. So its just us. I was hoping you might have a suggestion or an idea-you are very talented in that departmentâ€?. Agnar took a deep breath. “I need your helpâ€? he said cooly.

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