Wee Planet - Revelations

I was glancing up at my little planet, which Sid had thoughtfully hung, along with the sun, from the balcony. “Nobody else played,” he said sadly. “So I guess you win.”

I was pleased. I liked my little planet.

Leave it to Colin to fuck it up.

Colin was our buddy Warren’s cousin. We kind of just let him hang out. He didn’t have anywhere else to go. He drank too much, and he never washed his hair, and he smelled strongly of gasoline. No one ever asked him why. He also insisted we pronounce his name “Colon” rather than “Colin” which made segueing to asshole jokes way too easy.

So Colin wandered outside from the bathroom, the gasoline smell stronger than before. He belched and squinted up at my planet. “So you did that gay planet shit?” He asked with scorn.

I nodded politely.

“Well, I wanna see!” Colin whined like a baby. Embarrassed for him, I pulled my planet down and showed it to him.

It was in his hands exactly four seconds before he dropped it the full thirty feet into Sid’s parking lot.

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