Part V: Boarding Parties

“Scar you know your job-get to it!â€?, he said, then picked up the comms

“Crew we have incoming boarding parties, prepare to defend the ship. Missile crews, put some hot hornets in the tubes. Gunner crews are to get a firing solution. “. He looked down to the crew in the bridge “Turn the ship about, head for the south gate, throttles 100%, instruct the fleet to follow and engage if engaged. Do not stray more then 5km from the ship. Do it!â€? he snapped. Then he looked at Scar-“Why are you still here pilot! You have your orders, get your ass down in that cockpitâ€?.

Scar snapped to attention then ran from the bridge, pushing past the guards on his way out. Suddenly there was a large blast and the ship rocked violently. “Boarding partiesâ€? he thought to himself.

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