Part VI: Launch

Luckily the Boron weren’t the greatest at attempting to board vessels-he almost laughed thinking of the fish like race flopping onto the deck. Still..the “Boring Borons” could still be fierce when angered-Scar was sure that raiding Boron supply convoys hadn’t eased the overall Boron posture towards the Black Crest Family. Pirates were running through the halls, seizing small arms and taking up defensive positions. Scar took a right, running through the chaos, weapons fire echoing in the hall as he slid through a high security field, opened a hatch, climbed through the airlock, and strapped himself in his fighter.

As he undocked from the corvette, he left the safety of the corvette grade shields. Scar punched the throttles to full speed, did an instrument scan, flipped a few switches which enabled his nose turret to missile defense and his upper turret to ship defense. Next he jerked the flight stick in the direction of the enemy contacts. Scar grimly curled his lips in a smile. Time for combat..

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