Part VII: First Blood

The Barracuda, a Boron M3 fighter, was spewing laser fire into the rear of the Corvette, trying to bring down her shields. Scar hurled his Kea at full speed, gripping the flight stick tightly. Quickly removing a gloved hand from the flight stick, he flipped the protective clear cover on his missile control panel, waited for the lock on sound from his heat seeking thunderbolt missile warheads, and hit the release button. Seconds later a heat seeking missile roared from his Kea’s primary launch tube and punched into the Barracuda, sending it reeling. The pilot ejected-but Scar had learned not to take pity. Checking his six for attackers, he quickly brought down his shields, opened his cargo bay, and scooped up the ejected boron. One slave brought in for the day-should fetch a nice 2k credits.

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