Part VIII: Interception

He eagerly eyed his fallen ship but knew he would have to wait until after the battle to fetch his prize. He was jerked abruptly back into the battle at the beeping of his Combat Information System (stolen from an Argon Centuar) as a Hornet missile came ripping at his Kea. One hornet would have the power to reduce his shields to less then half strength-but rather then try to outrun the missile, he swung his ship to directly face it, and flew straight at the missile. His lower turret nabbed it, the explosion impacting his shields, and caught a small Boron M5 off guard, which immediately exploded into space dust. Yelling a whoop of excitement, Scar wheeled his Kea around, looking for his next prey.

With a couple of quick keystrokes, Scar activated his long distance scanners. His list of targets was automatically prioritized. A ship with a red tag blinked on his console. A heavily armed military corvette was headed straight for the Redemption.

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