Part IX: Radiological Alarm

He flipped his turret keys to attack his target, and rushed below the Hydra. This would position him in the Hydra’s blind spot. As he swooped below the lumbering corvette, his turrets auto tracked and opened fire, denting the opposing ships shields. Scar turned a dial, turning on his freight scanner. A radiological alarm sounded-it appeared the Hydra was packing an array of firestorm torpedoes. He looked in alarm-several hatches on the top surface of the Hydra hissed open, 5 missile ramps extended. He looked in shock as the torpedoes slowly raised themselves out of their shielded silos into a launch position. Scar set his jaw as he whipped the Kea around behind the Hydra, and activated his ion disruptor.

Scar had a reason to be worried-firestorm torpedos, although they were very slow lumbering missiles, were tipped with powerful nuclear warheads designed for attacking M2 (destroyer) and M1 (carrier) class ships. Even one firestorm torpedo would be fatal for the Redemption

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