Part X: Savior

Electrical currents whipped about the Hydra-this at least prevented them from unleashing hell from their missile hardpoints-any missiles launched from the ship would explode from his ion attack. He let off the ion attack and glanced at his missile fire control panel and let loose a salvo of disruptor missiles. Disruptor missiles are a pirate invention. As they slam into an opposing ship, they set off an electrical interference wave, destroying onboard equipment, and crippling shields. Scar fired seven of these missiles, all of them hitting true. The Hydra’s shields buckled, its energy weapons depleted drastically. Scar took his chance and fired a hornet missile, which slammed into the Hydra, bringing about a spectacular explosion. Scar’s face lit up in the explosion as he avoided flying flaming chunks of the doomed borons. One M6 down…one left. Scar knew that the Ray would leave if it lost its M6 escort-the Boron were cautious creatures.

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