What DID I tell him?

“Tapped into my account?” Paige repeated.
“Someone was talking to me this weekend. With your screename.” My stomach churned as I heard myself say those words.
Paige smacked her forehead. “Oh god. They’ve got my info. I know I put my e-mail…” I didn’t listen. Not that I didn’t care about her crisis, but I had more pressing problems.
“PaigeIgottagotothebathroom,” I blurted, and rushed out of my room before she could reply. I locked the bathroom door and turned to face my alter-ego.
“Okay. This guy hacked into Paiges account and talked to me on AIM .” My alter ego gave a quick nod.
“What did I tell him?”
He closed his eyes, concentrating. Since he my opposite, he would have a better memory. His eyes snapped open.
“You told him about Sandra’s party last week. The sleepover at Paige’s house tomorow. You bought that Fall Out Boy CD.”
“What else?”
“Nothing else.”
I sighed.
“Well what now?” He looked me in the eyes wearily. He looked exhausted. But nothing major happened yet…
“I have a plan.”

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