Part XII: Cleanup

The Boron had little time to react, but had managed to deflect at least a quarter of the incoming missiles. But that wasn’t enough. The Hydra crackled with intense electrical surges. To his surprise the crew bailed, which of course, the pirates swept upon like vultures. He immediately activated his salvage claim software, alerted the Redemption of his prize, and ordered the Hydra’s computer systems to follow the Redemption. Just as he predicted, the Ray did an about face, recalled its fighters, and jumped from the sector. Scar exhaled a deep breath, and turned back to the Corvette that he was tasked to protect.

After looting the abandoned Boron ships and capturing slaves, he commanded his Hydra to follow the fleet. He his way briskly back to the bridge. On his way he noticed the aftermath of the battle. Sparks flew freely from damaged control boxes. Bodies lay strewn across the floor with the survivors attempting to distinguish friend from foe on the bloody metallic deck.

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