Demonboy's Back Again: I Was A Teenage Demon Child Slayer

Crap. I twisted my ankle jumping out the window, running from that demon child I was babysitting.

He had a Chainsaw that was bigger than he was! How did a kid that small carry it, I wondered. He was a living breathing Chucky doll.

It was dark out, I was limping down the street, hoping someone was out this late, I needed help. From behind me I heard a sound.

Bzzzzzzzzka Bzzzzzzzzzka Bzzzzzzzka

It was that demon child again. He was right behind me , gaining on me. I’d had enough of him. I was bigger, stronger, so what if he was a demonic spawn of satan, I was a teenager.
I stopped in my tracks, turned toward him and shouted,”Come on Demonboy, lets get ready to rumble”.

He was caught off guard, he was used to getting his own way, mommy musta finaly said no to the devil child.

I lunged at his feet, he tried to saw off my head, but i picked him up and threw him high into the air.

The sound his tiny body made when it splattered onto the sidewalk was horrible. I hobbled home chainsaw in hand.

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