in the beginning

in the beginning… god created you and me…you, on one side of the world and me, on the other…god gave the plan to us,,each one seperately… He never gave a time span, He never gave directions…. He just laid out a plan….we stumbled around this big world,, finding what we thought was it… spending our time in hell for the sake of our children or an often deceiving sickness…..i dreamed of you many times as i am sure you dreamed of me…. wasn’t the world dark? now then,,,, here we are.. battle scarred from lifes many challenges,,, eyes dimmed with the sights of things untellable,, but not blind cause in our eyes the sun rises,, the moon comes out at night,,, the stars and the planets have taken their rightful places,,,each tide.. each season comes in its own time because we are….. because we have fulfilled gods plan…. because, in the beginning god created…us.

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