Code Cat

Soon I was coding away, the familiar purring weight of Gringo on my shoulders. My fingers rattled across the keyboard occasionally stopping to swipe across the screen, cutting, pasting, opening and closing windows.

Occasionally Gringo would stir and my typing would slow but then he settled down again and the coding continued.

Then his paw shot out past my left ear, his claws extended activating the wrist mounted pointer highlighting a chunk of code I’d just written. I saw the assignment being used in place of an equality that would have seriously messed things up and moved to correct it as he sniggered next to my ear.

Pair programming with a genefixed cat can seriously help your productivity if you can stand the arrogant little gits.

The other thing he is great for, of course, is searches. With the amount of data on the network nowadays even the best search engine can’t keep up with a cat for hunting down information.

Getting them to tell you it can be a problem of course.

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